Wednesday, 15 April 2015

I'm Still Alive : The Future

Those of you who've follow me on Twitter, or indeed on the blog, may be wondering what's been going on of late.

If you've followed the blog for a while will be aware of personal circumstances that came to light early in December 2014. I've not really expanded much on that, as this really isn't the forum, but just to assure everyone that things are fine; treatment is ongoing and the early stages have been effective, although surgery remains the only solution.

In the meantime I've not been playing a lot of Footy Manager, not really because of health (I really am fine), but because of work pressures, because of just wanting a bit of a break, and because I bought myself a PS4 and GTAV - the latter fact almost coinciding with my last blog updates.

I had, following a 'vote' on Twitter, set up an FM Classic save with a whole bunch of random leagues, and picked a Chilean team to manage - the plan being for a quicker paced 'journeyman save', regular updates - possibly a little more 'story' based, but still with occasional tactical pieces. That's still something I'd like to do, but not something I'll be diving into any time in the immediate future.

I've finally sorted out dates for surgery, and plans for work and holidays in the run up to it. I'll be going under the knife early in June, so before then I'm cramming the next 4 or 5 weeks with a holiday, some gigs, a bit of work, and whatever else I can squeeze in.

Surgery is likely to see me in hospital for a fortnight or so, so an excellent opportunity to catch up on the dozens of books I have waiting to be read, then it'll be home for convalescence. That's where FM could well come to my rescue, as I'm likely to be largely housebound for a good few weeks. Obviously we'll see how I feel at that time, but having a dip into the FMC save is high on my list of ways to pass that time.

Until then I do keep dipping into the output of the rest of the community, and I'll make brief forays onto Twitter - I may not be as visible as before, but rest assured that I am alive!

(Dave Solomon)

Friday, 6 February 2015

A Brief History Of Time (In The Superliga)


So far I’ve really not looked too hard at the Kolding Squad, partly because our amateur/semi-pro status meant that tweaking it has been a relatively easy job and partly because I harboured ideas of moving on quickly; Kolding IF just being a first rung on the ladder.

Eight weeks isn’t a lot of time to sort ourselves out for the top flight, and with no guarantee that my interest in jobs elsewhere will come to anything it would be seriously daft to not make plans.

Friday, 30 January 2015

The Best Laid Plans

“I’d prefer not to bring in a whole raft of new players, especially as our base group of 15 or so seem to have gelled so well...”
- Me, last time. 

Friday, 23 January 2015

Putting It All Into Practice

After two rather lengthy posts about how I spent the extended winter break, did it all do any good at all?

Let's find out....

Friday, 16 January 2015

The Long Cold Winter - Part II

Okay, so last time out I took a lot of time to consider our defensive game and arrived at the decision that I’m generally satisfied with the way we’re playing at the back – although I do have a minor tweak to consider in the first instance.

I also picked out some interesting stats about our attacking game, and the ‘economy’ of our shooting and goal-scoring. Whilst I was writing that up, however, it struck me that I’m not entirely sure about the best way to deploy my strike partnership. Furthermore, as I started to dig deeper, I realised just how much info there is in Football Manager that I (and, I suspect, others) pay very little attention to.

Actually that’s not entirely fair, I always knew that it was there, I just never really looked at it. What I’m looking to do this time out is to start to scratch the surface of some of that info, but first I’ll get back to the question of the strike partnership.

I’ll apologise in advance, some or all of this may seem quite disjointed. You may feel like I’m stating the bloody obvious or that I’m just not making sense. This update is going to be something akin to me thinking out loud, and when I think too hard it’s not unusual for me to go in circles!
Anyway, on with the update...